Authentic Mini Tacos

Welcome to Taquitos West Ave, the restaurant, the home of the best mini tacos in Texas! Taquitos West Ave’s owner, Luis Cerrillo, started this business in 2008 with the goal of bringing street-style mini tacos from Jalisco, Mexico to Texas. Although it was a bit challenging at first, people quickly fell in love with the unique taste of Taquitos West Ave’s mini tacos made with suadero and trips, which are still customer favorites to this day. Over the years, the restaurant has added more meat options to its menu to satisfy all taste buds.

The restaurant has received many accolades, including being mentioned on Foursquare’s list of the best Al Pastor found in the Alamo City. Taquitos West Ave takes great pride in its authentic flavors, and the restaurant promises that every bite of its tacos will transport you to the streets of Jalisco. And, if you really want to enhance your experience, pair your taquitos with the restaurant’s selection of Jarritos sodas. Come visit Taquitos West Ave, the restaurant, and taste the best mini tacos in Texas!

Catering Service

If you are wondering “Are there any good eateries near me?”. Look no further! Taquitos West Ave’s restaurant not only offers comfortable indoor seating but also a lovely outdoor seating area for you to enjoy your food in the open air and sunshine. But if you’re in a hurry and can’t stay, don’t worry, the restaurant has got you covered with Taquitos West Ave’s convenient delivery and takeout options. The restaurant’s staff will have your order ready for pickup right outside the restaurant, making it easy to enjoy Taquitos West Ave’s tasty meals on the go. At present, Taquitos West Ave’s does not have a branch situated in Nacogdoches.

Pictures At The Restaurant

The restaurant takes great pride in not only the taste of Taquitos West Ave’s food but also the restaurant’s presentation. Taquitos West Ave believes that a dish should not only be delicious but visually appealing as well. That’s why the restaurant encourages Taquitos West Ave’s customers to take food pictures and share Taquitos West Ave on the restaurant’s social media platforms. The restaurant also loves seeing Taquitos West Ave’s customers’ food pictures because it gives the restaurant insight into the unique tastes and preferences. It’s also a great way for the restaurant to connect with Taquitos West Ave’s customers and see how much Taquitos West Ave enjoy the food. So, the next time you visit Taquitos West Ave’s taco restaurant, don’t forget to snap a few pictures of your meal and share Taquitos West Ave with the world. The restaurant can’t wait to see what delicious creations you come up with!

Taquitos West Ave Menu

Taquitos West Ave is proud to offer an extensive menu that’s sure to satisfy all Taquitos West Ave’s cravings. From classic American dishes to authentic Mexican cuisine, the restaurant has something for everyone. Taquitos West Ave’s San Antonio menu is carefully curated to include a wide range of options that are both flavorful and affordable. The restaurant understands the importance of keeping Taquitos West Ave’s prices reasonable, which is why the restaurant strives to offer delicious meals at a fair price.

In addition to Taquitos West Ave’s main dishes, the restaurant has a selection of sides and desserts that are perfect for sharing or indulging in on your own. Taquitos West Ave’s friendly staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about the restaurant’s menu and assist with any special requests. The restaurant invites you to visit Taquitos West Ave’s restaurant and enjoy the restaurant’s delicious food at affordable prices.

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Irresistible Chorizo Tacos

Taquitos West Ave’s Chorizo Tacos are the star of the show, capturing the hearts and palates of all who dine at the restaurant. These delectable tacos are a culinary masterpiece, bursting with an explosion of flavors. Succulent, smoky chorizo takes center stage, its richness complemented by the delicate warmth of perfectly grilled corn tortillas. Tantalizing textures await as you bite into the tender meat, accompanied by a vibrant medley of crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and zesty salsa. Each bite is a symphony of taste, a celebration of Mexican cuisine. Taquitos West Ave’s Chorizo Tacos are the epitome of culinary satisfaction, enticing guests to return time and time again to savor the restaurant’s unrivaled deliciousness.

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Convenient Delivery Services

Taquitos West Ave is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicious Mexican cuisine that is sure to satisfy Taquitos West Ave’s cravings. Not only does the restaurant provide an exceptional dine-in experience, but it also offers delivery services through various platforms to ensure that you can enjoy Taquitos West Ave’s food from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer to order through third-party delivery services, the restaurant has partnered with Doordash to bring Taquitos West Ave’s food straight to your doorstep. You can conveniently browse the restaurant’s menu and place an order online, and the restaurant’s delivery partners will ensure that Taquitos West Ave’s food is delivered fresh and hot to your location in a timely manner.

You can place an order through delivery apps such as Doordash.

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Come Visit Taquitos 

Step inside Taquitos West Ave’s vibrant and welcoming space, where the aroma of sizzling meats and the sound of laughter fill the air. The restaurant’s friendly staff is ready to provide you with exceptional service, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Indulge in Taquitos West Ave’s signature tacos, bursting with flavors and textures that will transport you to culinary paradise.

Come join Taquitos West Ave for a taste sensation like no other. Visit the restaurant’s taco restaurant today and let Taquitos West Ave delight your senses with its authentic flavors and warm hospitality.